NextCloud Installation Guide

The ScienceMesh-Nextcloud connection helps sites who run Nextcloud as their enterprise file sync and share system to join the ScienceMesh.

For ownCloud 10 there is oc-sciencemesh but the documentation is unfortunately not complete yet.

For now, you can refer to some links in this Gitter thread, and ask your questions there. There are number of things you will need to do get this working for your site:

Enable dynamic share providers in Nextcloud

Apply the dynamic-shareproviders branch to your Nextcloud installation. This is necessary for Nextcloud to recognize shares of type the ‘ScienceMesh’.

Install Revad

See also

git clone
cd reva
make deps
make build

Configure revad

Something like ./mesh.toml. This will probably require some experimentation. You can contact @michielbdejong in for help. See also the ocm-test-suite revad configs for examples.

Install the ScienceMesh app

In your Nextcloud apps folder, run:

git clone sciencemesh
cd sciencemesh

For Owncloud In your Owncloud apps folder, run:

git clone sciencemesh
cd sciencemesh

Enable the app in the Nextcloud/Owncloud admin dashboard. This will cause a few necessary database tables to be created.

First use

From there on, follow the admin guide.